Fall Seminar with Andrew Cohen

Frankfurt – November 10th, 2012

Freedom, Progress & Evolution

Our responsibility for a world in transition

We are living in a time of transition. War and conflict in many parts of the world, climate change or the global financial crisis keep the world on edge. At the same time, we are amazed by the positive changes in the Arab States and the popularity of the “Occupy” movement. More and more people agree that things can no longer continue the way they have up until now and that we, as 21st century human beings, are facing a new stage in our development.

With this comes the realization that the human species is developing even more radically than we often believe. This development is rooted in the evolving Cosmos: the unfolding of infinite possibilities of which we humans are an ultimate expression. When we awaken to this “life-impulse”, we discover a source of inspiration, confidence and creativity: Life is good! And at the same time, we are responsible for bringing this new consciousness to a world full of crises.

How can we awaken to the deepest life-impulse in ourselves and in the Cosmos? How does this realization express itself in our relationships, in our day-to-day life and in our actions in the world?

Andrew Cohen has been exploring the answers to these questions for more than 25 years. As a cultural visionary, he combines his experience of liberated consciousness with an awakened and committed interest in our cultural situation. He has a vision of a humanity that is, on the one hand, an expression of the foundational unity of life and, on the other, the creative potential of our future.

In this seminar, Andrew Cohen will transmit his deeply positive vision of our humanity, which puts us in a position to make the difference in the world that so many of us feel a deep wish to make. In addition, he will show us practical ways in which this life-impulse, the authentic self, can become a natural expression of who we are.

What does it really mean to consciously evolve—to deliberately and intentionally create and co-create the future? When we reach that point in our own development where we unequivocally have accepted the fact that no one else is going to save us—not a mythic God in the sky or “destiny” or a miracle—we realize that the next step in the evolutionary process really is in our own hands. Andrew Cohen

Place: NH Frankfurt City, Vilbeler Strasse 2
Costs: 145, Reduced Price Ticket 95
Early bird: 120 (until 15th October)
Cancellation: No refund once retreat started.
Start: Saturday, 10th November, 10:00 AM (Registration)
End: Samstag, 10th November um 7:00 PM

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